Have you been asked to supply stainless steel products or metal components in a joinery package for a building project?  And you’re doing so against someone else’s guestimate as to what the price should be?  After all, the builder is concentrating on the structure, the plumbing, the electrical – everything but the cabinets and benches.

Whether it be benches, splashbacks or frames for bench tops you need an experienced manufacturer who can quote quickly and is responsive in supply.

Davies Metal Works bring combined experience of over 90 years in manufacturing stainless steel products.  They have a reputation for speed and responsiveness in both supplying the quotations you need, and manufacturing the products within the cost, quality and delivery timescale you need.

A reasonable price and ability to get the job done when it is wanted to be done.

Paul's empathy in working on our concepts; his ability to be able to produce what we envisage. He will outline the pitfalls and give practical consideration.

Davies Metal Works manufacture bench tops, splashbacks, powder coated frames, stainless steel frames and trims.

And of course Davies Metal Works products come with a guarantee.


To find out what cabinets and benches we can create for you, give us a call on 08 8947 3363

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