Stainless Steel Products for Northern Australia

You know that stainless steel is the only real solution for so many construction, building, catering or medical requirements. 

Finding the right supplier to meet your requirements and a reliable supplier in Northern Australia is a different problem.  You are a business, working to tight time constraints, while looking for a quality product. 

Are you looking for a manufacturer of stainless steel products who:

  • knows the right grades of stainless steel to recommend for harsh environments;
  • knows and understands the full range of surface finishes available;
  • can fabricate a wide range of architectural products, from balustrades to downpipes;
  • can custom make benches to meet all requirements, including stainless steel splashbacks;
  • can assist in design layout;
  • will assist not only in design and fabrication, but also meet your installation requirements;
  • meets health standards and Australian standards for commercial surfaces;
  • will provide quotes at short notice to meet your contractual requirements;
  • will respond to all reasonable requests for variation;
  • has the flexibility to meet your other requirements such as powder coated steel frames;
  • will do so at competitive prices and delivery timescales;
  • shows consideration to you, the customers
  • is reliable, consistently meeting all criteria.

How do you choose a supplier who can meet these requirements?  Where can you find a supplier with whom you feel confident and can trust?  Well you’ve come to the right place.

Paul's knowledge of stainless steel and ability to make suggestions.  The office works well.

It is more beneficial to use Davies Metal Works because of the service.  Extra service is never a problem.

Paul's empathy in working on our concepts; his ability to be able to produce what we envisage.  He will outline the pitfalls and give practical consideration.

They put out a good product and will fix anything that is wrong.

Stainless Steel Products for Northern Australia

commercial kitchens
cabinets and benches
hospital trolleys
general metal fabrication

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